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The Rampant Gardener

The Rampant Gardener

How Do We Grow Our Stock?
How Do We Grow Our Stock?  
Our trees, shrubs, hedging, and perennials are all cell grown plants.  This means that they are grown in   trays being supported above the ground, allowing air pruning of the taproots and root tips. This ‘pruning’ promotes further fibrous root development. Wherever possible we use rootrainers as their physical ridges on the individual cell walls prevent any root spiralling, and train the roots downwards.
Cell grown plants are taken from their cells prior to despatch and are wrapped in protective packaging to ensure the root plug stays moist. This allows you to plant them with a completely intact, fibrous root system, which minimises stress, and ensures good survival.

Why Do We Do This?  It allows our customers to purchase at any point of the year with a very healthy, vigorous plant.  The alternative is to buy ‘bare rooted’ field grown stock which is only available during the dormant season (usually October - February). ‘Bare rooted’ literally means no discernable root system which could mean they fail when the next spring comes around.
They tend to be slightly longer than our cell grown plants but  which would you prefer?

Other benefits of using  cell grown plants
Minimal root disturbance - root systems are supplied intact, with no loss of
fine feeding roots and root hairs, which can often carry associated mycorrhizae,
and are essential for speedy establishment.
Additional agents - along with the compost protecting the roots, you have the
option to add slow release fertilisers, mycorrhizae to enhance establishment
without fear of burning the roots
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